Figurendag 2018

Nationale Figurendag
8 september 2018
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Modelsoldiersday the Netherlands
8 September 2018

A day for all who love all kind of miniatures. Particularly for retailers of toysoldiers of all kind (metal/plastic), model- and wargamefigures.
There has never been such a day in the Netherlands. We hope to build a tradition. For this purpose there is a separate miniatures market in the rooms of the museum.

Selling is free
Participation for dealers and collectors (sale or exchange) is free of charge. Reservation of a table is obligatory.

The enthusiasm for this day has exceeded our expectations. If you regsiter from now on we contact you to see if there is stall some space left.

Entrance fee of the museum
Participation is free. For the museum, there is a entrance fee.

This day will take place in the new waterline museum / Fort Vechten near Utrecht. The museum tells the story of the Dutch and their ability to use the water as a defence for centuries.

Registrations and further information
Registration for dealers is obliged and can by means of the form on this page.
If you have any question, please ask them. Send your questions to

Registrationform Miniatures Market


 Toysoldiers new
 Toysoldiers old
 Flat figures
 Large figures (1/6)


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